Diseño de sitio web 2023 para Happy Rock Mockup [1100x688a72]

A New Era for Your Restaurant

Can you imagine having a website that not only looks good, but also actively works to attract more customers? That’s just what we have achieved for Happy Rock Bar & Grill Restaurant through a custom WordPress platform. We have developed a website that not only reflects the essence of the restaurant, but also strategically positions it in the digital world.

Google Maps and Reviews Optimisation:

We ensured that when customers search for a place to eat, the restaurant is the first thing they find. Improving visibility on Google Maps and optimising reviews so that new customers can’t resist visiting you.

Centralisation of Reservations and Orders:

Integration with TheFork to centralise reservations and with Glovo for home orders. This not only simplifies day-to-day management, but also enhances the customer experience, making it easier for them to book a table or order their favourite meal with just a few clicks.

Web design & developmen results:

The result of our intervention is a comprehensive optimisation of the customer acquisition process. We have implemented significant improvements in attracting diners to the area through advanced SEO techniques, ensuring that your restaurant stands out in local search results. In addition, we have reduced the workload of your staff by providing them with efficient digital tools. These tools not only digitise operations such as reservations and home ordering, but also facilitate more efficient and less time-consuming day-to-day management of your establishment. With these improvements, your restaurant will not only increase its customer base and revenue, but also undergo a digital transformation that will put it at the forefront of the restaurant industry.

Web design for restaurants:

With this web design we have optimised the digital image of the Happy Rock Bar & Grill Restaurant in the Arenas Shopping Centre in Barcelona, improving its online presence and maximising customer acquisition through the digital channel.

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