Stand Josper Salón Gourmet 2023 IFEMA Madrid
Stand Josper Salón Gourmet 2023 IFEMA Madrid


For the Salón Gourmets 2023 in Madrid, Josper, a leader in charcoal ovens, entrusted us with developing a stand that not only stood out aesthetically but also offered functionality for live culinary demonstrations. This project presented a dual challenge: to create a visually appealing space that reflected Josper’s essence and to equip it with cutting-edge technology suitable for a high-profile event.

One of the most innovative features of the Salón Gourmets stand was the incorporation of a specially designed smoke extractor hood to efficiently handle the volume of smoke produced by Josper’s wood and charcoal ovens. This hood, not only efficient but also aesthetically pleasing, met all regulations and ensured that demonstrations proceeded without interruptions in a clean and safe environment for all participants.

The design of the stand focused on strengthening Josper’s brand identity, combining modern elements and high-quality materials that highlighted both the innovation and reliability of their products. A color palette complementing the dark, robust tones of Josper’s ovens was used, along with strategic lighting that enhanced each culinary demonstration, making the prepared foods the true protagonists of the space.

Functionality was not overlooked; the stand at the Salón Gourmets was designed to facilitate a constant flow of visitors and provide optimal visibility of the demonstrations. Interaction areas were also created where attendees could converse with chefs and better understand how Josper’s ovens could transform their own culinary spaces.

The result was an exceptional space that not only attracted numerous visitors but also provided an ideal platform for Josper to demonstrate its market leadership, commitment to quality, and capacity to innovate in the world of charcoal cooking. This project in Madrid stood out as a benchmark in design and functionality, offering an unforgettable experience for all who had the opportunity to visit it.

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