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Creative Agency for the brands of tomorrow.

You need a Creative Agency, and here we are. We have three seconds to convince you we’re fucking good the agency you’re looking for before you close this tab and keep reading the next page Google showed you.

We’re a team of Professional Creatives.

When Mazzima was founded 19 years ago Facebook didn’t even exist, neither did people glued to their iPhone. Our clients come back because we understand the value of creativity over the medium and because we put our fresh approach and our team of creative talents at their service.
We went from images and magazines’ articles to spots. We grew up amongst canvases and trade fairs. We saw Social Media grow and we adapted it as a communications’ channel, as a way to stay in touch with your audience. We’re 360, we’re omnichannel.

Everything changes in advertising, but there is one thing that stays the same: our will to make you earn more money take your brand to the future.

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Marion Evans con Cámara. Mazzima Agencia Creativa. Branding, Publicidad, Comunicación y Marketing.
Marion Evans Photography by Mazzima Agencia Creativa. Branding, Publicidad, Comunicación y Marketing.
Marion Evans Photography by Mazzima Agencia Creativa. Branding, Publicidad, Comunicación y Marketing.

Marion Evans
founded in 2003
Mazzima Consulting.

Marion Evans, an Advertising graduate, arrives in Spain in 1972 as a professional specializing in Advertising Photography to work at the studio Acosta Moro after a successful career as a Product, Fashion, and Music Events Photographer in Switzerland, followed by a thriving career in Communication and Advertising in Spain. In 2003 she found Mazzima Consulting to lead the corporate communication of companies in the industrial business. Her idea: creating a consultancy firm so big and small companies could have their brand image under control at all times.


The success of Mazzima leads to its expansion creating production areas focused on design, stands for trade fairs, and web development. The current owner and Director of Mazzima, Carlos G. Evans, incorporates into the company to lead these new areas of production as Creative Director.


It’s our tenth anniversary and, with it, Mazzima’s look gets revamped, along with its values and methodology, making the different areas disappear to focus in the group. The result: the 360 Creative Agency was born.

Our Creative Agency is nineteen years old. When we put it like this it stands out because it’s epic.

And it’s just the beginning


Cafés drank and enjoyed.


Brands taken care of with attention to detail.


Creative ideas generated*.

* We only develop and apply the best ones.

Our team is our greatest asset.

Carlos G. Evans
Carlos G. EvansCo-Owner / Director
Since I was very young I loved disassembling stuff to see how it worked, understanding it, and trying to improve it. I had scientific, artistic, technological, and sociological curiosity. I saw there was a field that covered all these. That’s why y work in Design, Communication, and Advertising, as this is a field that demands a constant flow of new ideas for each client and project.
Hand García
Hand GarcíaDesigner / Hand Model
Tired of watching my life go by in front of my screws, one day I decided to show the world that we can all become what we want to be. I devoted my nights to learning drawing and design. After lots of hard work, I landed the job of my dreams as a designer in this creative agency which gave me the chance I was looking for to show my art to the world.
Marion Evans
Marion EvansCo-Owner / Founder
Restless, explorer, and adventurer in constant motion. I’m capable of throwing myself into new challenges overnight. Challenges are never easy, they take a lot of effort and determination which is mandatory to get results. The more perseverance, the bigger the chances of obtaining the desired result and reaching your goal.
Annabel Mérida
Annabel MéridaAudiovisual / Project Manager
Since I was a kid, the only way I was capable of expressing myself was through the lens of a camera. I thought it was amazing you could preserve a valuable memory in your pocket forever. That’s why, since I can remember, I always had a camera in my hands. Through my lenses, I became passionate about art in all its shapes.
Raquel García
Raquel GarcíaWeb Developer
For me, creativity is creativity, it doesn’t matter if it’s painting, writing, or programming a website. Creativity makes me come out of my comfort zone all the time, this way I can face my tasks with an agile mind and the ability to walk in somebody else’s shoes easily.
Magic Mike XXS
Magic Mike XXSBarking dog
Snif, snif, snif, snif… grr… grraau. Guau, guau, guau! Grrr, hum hum, ñiiieeehnieee, guau! Ha ha ha, snif, ha, ha. Slurp, slurp, ha, ha, grrrr. Guau. Snif, snif, snif, snif… grr… grraau. Snif, snif, snif, snif… grr… grraau. Guau, guau, guau! Grrr, hum hum, ñiiieeehnieee, guau! Ha ha ha, snif, ha, ha. Irrrup, snif, snif. Slurp, slurp, ha, ha, grrrr. Guau. Snif, snif, snif, snif… grr… grraau. Snif, ha ha ha. Snif, snif.
Eva S. Baulies
Eva S. BauliesStrategist / Project Manager
Tirelessly searcher of new experiences, dreams hunter, and knowledge gatherer, particularly what comes from clients and team pals. I discover passions, starting with mine, and I steam them to let them simmer. Above all, I love constructive criticism to achieve excellence, why settle for less?
Michael Simbaña
Michael SimbañaDesigner / ilustrator
There are things we think and feel and can’t be expressed using only words. I thought this only happened to me until I learned it is pretty extended, This way, using colors, shapes, letters, and compositions, thanks to design and illustration, I keep learning different communication ways, for me and for those who, like me, don’t have enough with words.
Marta Guiu
Marta GuiuInterior & Stand Designer
I enjoy the challenge of turning an empty space into a zone that transmits a message and can strike up a conversation with a visitor. There is nothing more stimulating than turning a white wall into the voice of a brand, making the space talk by itself.
Candy Pulido
Candy PulidoArchitect, Interior & Stand Designer
I sit in my chair, with a white sheet and my sketch pencil, and I’m happy capturing solutions for our client’s needs. Looking for this line, this detail, or that material that makes a difference, that turns a space into much more than a space, into a brand image.
Gemma Carrera
Gemma CarreraArchitect, Interior & Stand Designer
I love traveling and learning from other countries and cultures. Traveling broads your mind and it’s unavoidable these experiences soak into your work. I can’t help letting distant shapes leave a mark in me and in my projects, because my creativity is born from my experiences and from myself.

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