Strategic Consulting

If you want results you need a good diagnostic

You may have a communication issue and need help identifying it. If your current strategy is not bringing the results you were expecting, you’re in the right place.

We’re Consultancy

At Mazzima, we will audit and identify the key improvement points of your brand. We are specialized in analysis, diagnostic, and strategies optimization. We will give you the information you need to take the right decision.

No ties

We will determine what’s the best way to boost your company’s image and enhance those aspects which will offer optimum results. We will create the communication strategy your company needs to be implemented with us or your own team.



The number of communication options can overwhelm you, at Mazzima we will advise where to position your brand to have the maximum return.

The Chain

A chain is solid when all links are strong and coherent. We will analyze and advise you on how to make sure all the contact points between your brand and your client are consistent.


Your branding is not just a logo, is a combination of sensations related to your brand. It’s your identity. We will analyze how your brand is perceived and establish the steps to follow to position it where you want it to be.


Don’t throw your net where there are no fishes, a good analysis can help control your advertising investment, detecting what are the best locations to boost your sales.


To position your brand identity you need to take it to your public with a good communications strategy. We will analyze your audience to know how to make them receptive to your message.


Selling is not the same as creating a community of clients wishing to buy your products. At Mazzima we will analyze how to create solutions to their needs making your product sell.

New table products

Like great whiskey, we get better with time. We’re already Grand Reserve.

We get deeply involved with brands and projects, we make them our own and we turn into a part of your team. We identify, optimize, and offer solutions.

  • Strategic Analysis of Brand Image
  • Neuromarketing and sensorial marketing
  • Communication Strategies above & below the line
  • Corporate Press Reputation
  • Internal Culture and Employer Branding
New table products



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