Taking your company out of its normal environment and showing it in an exhibition pavilion, shopping center or airport surrounded by your competitors, is betting high.

If you are reading these lines you have decided to exhibit. So don’t risk it and take the safe way, we can help you.

Diseño y montaje de stands Fondo Landing cabecera Mazzima Agencia Creativa. Branding, Publicidad, Comunicación y Marketing.

We are designers

Why do you do it, how do you do it and what do you do, is what represents you. Basing on the corporate identity of your company, we generate an idea that conveys these values and the essence of each brand. Thus we always look for the most innovative and distinguishing solution, combining a good commercial strategy with architectural creativity.

Service and quality

Our team of professionals in stand construction and assembly take care to achieve a high quality result, where the security and confidence of representing your brand, where you have decided to exhibit, prevails. We mount anywhere in Europe or where you need to take the communication of your company.

19 years of experience, at your service.


Event organization

Of course, designing and building your stand, taking into account all the details you need, with all the graphics, photos and corporate videos, represents the core of our work. But our commitment does not finish there.

Dedicating hours to organize your stay at the fair reduces your productivity and brings a lot of headache. Let us help you with the organization of your stay. We take care to offer you a professional and tailor-made service, all you have to do is to sell.

That’s how you can make the most of it.

Some of our work:

360º Agency The complete circle

Improve the visibility of your brand without losing your identity.

We have multi-segment experience: branding, advertising, communication and marketing. This is what is known as a 360º Creative Agency. This is what we are.

We have a global vision of your business to optimize your budget where you get the best results. This allows us to offer the solution that best suits each brand, taking care of its branding and storytelling.

We are Creative Agency

Barcelona office:

Phone.: +34 936 754 716
Passeig de la Torre Blanca 16 Local 10
E-08172 Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona

Madrid office:

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