Paperinky Branding 2019

Project Description


Creation of a complete brand with Naming development. The conjunction of the words “Paper” and “ink” gave us a powerful brand that fully represents the customer.

For the creation of the logo, the color note in the ink highlights the word ink creating an ink stain on the i that denotes the creative and craft character of the brand. The typeface chosen is designed as typewriter typefaces returning to the manual and “paper and ink” origin of the brand. In turn, the corporate blue color represents the basic blue of pens and pens. Although the brand has always been thought to have creative freedom in its colors due to the product to be developed that requires the use of many colors.

For the application in the product of Scrapbook papers it was decided to differentiate the brand with a different cover thanks to the inclination of its band and the use of bright colors in its products. In this way the product stands out and stands out in the linear stores where it is sold.

Project Details

Branding, Graphic Design

Branding, Diseño gráfico, identidad corporativa, logo, Logotipo, manual, marca