Jordana Carnicers Branding 2018

Project Description

Jordana Carnicers

Branding, corporate image and logo design. To develop this work, we looked for a simple but powerful design that communicated clearly the high quality of the brand. The choice of colors was based on the burgundy red, a tribute to one of their main products, beef meat, combined with black, which is the color of the labels for luxury and high quality products. In this way we created a sober and elegant combination of colors that represented very well the main attributes of the brand.

This client needed two distinctions of corporate visual image to distinguish their brand between a retail customer with their stores in shopping centres, and the brand aimed at professional restaurants and hospitality customers. The first one based on brighter backgrounds like white, and the second one more product orientated with burgundy red backgrounds.

A versatile logo has been obtained that could be used in both business lines, with a high quality and professional image in both cases.

Corporate image applications were made on business cards, stationery, website and general look & feel of the company.

Project Details

Branding, Graphic Design

Branding, branding manual, Diseño gráfico, identidad corporativa, logo, Logotipo, logotype, manual, marca