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In November 2003, Marion Evans establishes Mazzima Consulting, with the aim of giving the SMEs and Micro-companies accessibility to corporate communication. Creating a Communication Consultancy within the reach of both, small and large companies, having their image constantly under control.

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Corporate Communication within the reach of all
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On request of our customers, we create the production areas design, stands and web. Carlos García enters the company and takes responsibility of this productive part. Here, the ideas generated are applied within our own company, having major control on the results and improving substantially in quality.

Ideas applied

Your Creative Agency

It’s the moment of conversion. Marion and Carlos associate and turn Mazzima into a limited liability company, Mazzima Creative, S.L.


And coinciding with the celebration of the brand’s 10th Anniversary, Mazzima receives a new look and changes its own communication. Philosophy and essence are maintained, but the division in production areas is eliminated in favour of the whole.


Now is when the Creative Agency is born. An Agency that solves all Branding, Advertising, Communication and Marketing matters. Taking charge of the whole project from the idea right up to production in the appropriate means.

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We believe in brands with soul

Carlos G. Evans

Co-Owner / Director

As a boy I already liked to dismantle everything to see how it works, to understand it and to try to improve it. With this artistic, technological, scientific and sociological curiosity, I saw a field that definitively would cover these needs. That’s why I like to work in Design, Communication and Advertising. A field where creativity and new ideas are required for every client and project.


Hand García

Designer / Hand Model

Tired of seeing how life passes by in front of my screws, one day I decided to demonstrate the world that we all can be what we would like to be. So I dedicated my nights to learn to draw and design. With the time I achieved to make my dream come true and I became a designer of this agency that gave me the opportunity I was looking for.


Marion Evans


My dynamic nature and adventurous character makes me undertaking new challenges from one day to the other. Challenges are never easy, they involve a lot of determination and especially persistence, what is most decisive to obtain results. Just like in communication and advertising, the more persistence, major the possibilities to obtain results and achieve your goals.


Eva Sánchez

Strategist / Project Manager

A non-stop tracker of experiences, a hunter of dreams and a harvester of knowledge, especially those that clients and colleagues bringing to me. I discover passions, starting with mines, I slow cooked them or I use a slow cooker with slow-temperature, according to the case. And, mainly, I love constructive criticism to achieve the excellence, why settle for less?


Michael Simbaña

Designer / Ilustrator

There are things that we believe and feel that are not just expressed in words. I thought this only happened to me, but I have learned that it happens to everyone. Because of that, with colors, shapes, letters and compositions, thanks to design and illustration, I continue to learn different ways of communicating, for myself and for those who, like me, words are not enough.


Annabel Mérida

Audiovisual / Project Manager

Since I was a little child, the only way I felt able to express myself was through a camera. It seemed incredible to me to be able to keep a memory of that precious moment in my pocket forever, that’s why, since I can remember, I have always lived with a camera in my hands. And so, through the lens, I became a passionate about art in all its forms.


Magic Mike XXS

Barking dog

Sniff, sniff, sniff… arf… ruff. Woof, woof, woof! Ruff, huff puff, booow-wooow, woof! Huff huff, sniff, puff puff. Yap-yap, huff huff, ruff. Woof. Sniff, sniff… arf… ruff. Sniff, sniff… arf… ruuufff. Woof, woof, woof! Grrrufff, yap-yap, bow-wooow, woof! Huff huff, sniff, huff, puff. Aaaaarfff, sniff, sniff. Yap-yap, huff, puff, grrrruuufff. Woof. Sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff… grruufff… ruff-ruff. Sniff, huuuff puuuff. Sniff, sniff.


Raquel García

Web Developer

For me, creativity is creativity, whether it is painting, writing or programming a website. Creativity forces me to leave my comfort zone constantly and to exercise mental gymnastics and empathy a bit more every day . That is how you learn to face the canvas, a blank page or some technical needs with a quick mind and develop the ability to put yourself easily into the shoes of others.


Marta Guiu

Interior & Stand Designer

I enjoy the challenge of transforming an empty space and making it talk until it conveys a message or starts a conversation with the visitor. There’s nothing more stimulating than converting a white wall into the brand’s voice.


Candy Pulido

Architect, Interior & Stand Designer

I sit at my table, with a blank sheet and my sketch pencil and I am happy to shape solutions to the customer’s needs, and look for that line, that detail or that material that makes the difference.


Gemma Carrera

Architect, Interior & Stand Designer

I love to travel and visit countries with different cultures. Travelling opens your mind and it is unavoidable that this seeps into your work. It is unavoidable that the distant forms that have left an imprint on myself will leave an imprint on my projects.

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