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We believe in brands with soul

“We believe in brands with soul” is our slogan and our way of working. We believe that brands must come out beyond their owner or their product. The character, the perception and the way of acting are the soul of the company. And this is ours.

We think in your customer

Yes, it might sound strange. But we think in the client of our client. This is our principal aim. Our client must like our work, of course. But not necessarily. Our work is not a question of tastes, the taste is subjective, we do the things focusing on they work.

We think

We are paid for thinking. This is our job. And we have years of experience in it. Sure we can do more things, but if you are looking for hands that just design, without questioning anything, we are not the right Agency for that. But anyhow, thank you for thinking in us.

We create

We like to produce what we conceived. We have a series of well chosen providers we work with, who provide a work according to our quality standards. Of course we can work with your providers, but then we cannot be in charge of the results of their work.

Editable files

Editable files will not be provided to the customer. Our work consists in offering you a finished work. An editable file contains all our know-how, our recipe. In the same way, in a restaurant we pay for a dish and not for showing us how to cook it. But should you wish to have the recipe of our work, this has to be agreed in advance in the corresponding quotation.

Property rights

Copyright of any creation is protected by the International Law of Intellectual Property and arises whenever an individual or company creates work.

“The author has the exclusive right to exploit the work in any way or form, especially the rights of reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation, that cannot be made without a written authorization from the author.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few questions that customers may have when contracting a Creative Agency like Mazzima. Therefore we wanted to expose some of the most frequent questions on this page, designed especially for this purpose.

Any question?Any question?
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If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, just call us and ask us whatever you need. At Mazzima we will be pleased to solve your doubts.

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